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Waves' ICO has collected until this point a total of  29636.17295948
NXT asset swap:  460.45793840

waves whitepaper

Learn more about our project straight from the source.

waves whitepaper

Learn more about our project straight from the source.

the team

The WAVES' team is composed of a wide range of people, from developers to those who work on branding, marketing or promotion.

sasha ivanov - the founder

Graduated from Moscow State University in the Theoretical Physics Department
He started coding Forex trading bots several years ago, using Neural Nets and applying ideas borrowed from his academic background.

He has always been fascinated with Deep Learning Neural networks and has also closely followed new Internet Payment Systems, which also inspired him to create and develop exchange services.

In 2013 he launched Coinomat.com, the first instant crypto exchange, and also created CoinoUSD, the first crypto fiat token, also launching the first tradable cryptocurrency Market Index, coinoindex.com.
Sasha also created cryptoasset.fund, a blockchain-powered venture fund, on which he collaborated closely with JL777.

He is the founder and CEO of WAVES project.


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Contact us, check the ongoing progression or read about WAVES in our social media channels!